Red Black Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer

Item No.: CFT031

Material: PP, PE, SUS316, Rubber
Colors: Red Nozzle Cap, Black Body
Output per Stroke: 1.1 cc ± 0.1 cc
Function: Adjustable Plastic Nozzle
Closure Size: 28/400 mm
Weight: 26.8 g ± 0.2 g
◉ M.O.Q: 5,000 Pieces.

– O-ring: NBR Rubber (changeable)
– Piston Washer: NBR Rubber (changeable)
– Spring: 316 Stainless Steel
– Steel Ball: 316 Stainless Steel
– Locking: The nozzle right twist to the end
– Dip Tube Max Length: 290 mm (with filter)

This chemically resistant trigger sprayer works well for most tough chemicals that would typically harm a standard trigger sprayer. The nozzle is adjustable to create a fine spray or jet stream for dispensing liquids. In addition to harsh chemicals, this trigger sprayer is good for general use, household cleaners, auto detail, carpet spot cleaning, and more.

Material: Polypropylene (PP) is a tough plastic that has good chemical resistance. PP is translucent in its natural state but can have a glossy finish when produced with color. It is not recommended for cold or sub-freezing temperatures.

316 stainless steel – This product offers high tensile strength and has a corrosion resistance that can withstand harsh environments. It is also non-magnetic and must be hardened through cold working. The difference between type 304 and 316 stainless steel is the incorporation of molybdenum of up to 3%.

Rubber Property:

NBR (Nitrile Rubber) Property Comparison
Oil and Fuel Resistance: A
Animal & Vegetable Oil Resistance: A+
Alcohol Resistance: A
Alkaline Resistance: A
Acid Resistance: A
Aliphatic-solvent Resistance : Aliphatic: A+
Aliphatic-solvent Resistance : Aromatic: B
Oxygen Ated-solvent Resistance: D
Water Resistance: A

Disadvantages: Not suitable for use in polar solvents such as ketones, ozone, nitro hydrocarbons, MEK, and chloroform.

At present, our sprayers are available in two types of rubber for chemical products. The two types of rubbers are NBR and Viton. NBR is the most popular rubber material in our triggers, and the price is acceptable, not expensive, but some of the solvents will be damage the NBR. Next, the Viton (FKM) will be very expensive than other rubber, especially strong resistance for Acid, Alkali, oil, and Gasoline chemicals.

Simply put, our chemical resistance sprayers are divided into two grades, one is NBR, and the performance and price are the best. The other kind of Viton is applicable to a wider range of chemicals if you have no cost considerations and also has a long service life.

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