Manual Pressure Sprayer 1.5L
Manual Pressure Sprayer 1.5L

Item No.: TS-1500

Spray Head Material: PE (Plastic).
Bottle Material: PP (Plastic).
Sprayer Color: Black / Red.
Capacity: 1500 ml.
System: Manual Operation.
Power Source: Pressure.
Weight: 400 g.


Easy to use, handy and light they have a regulating nozzle which permits to obtain a fine vaporization or a jet spray of about 7 meters. They are very useful in the house for cleaning, for humidifying, in gardens, in terraces, and in homes for plant maintenance, in garages for cars. Furthermore, they are very valid for pro. Professional uses on the workshops, machine maintenance, etc…

Instructions for use
Tighten clockwise the ‘Upper Cap’ firmly after having filled the container with water or solution.
Pump piston up and down (about 15~20 strokes) with trigger Lever closed.
Adjust the nozzle cap clockwise for jet spray and counterclockwise for fine spray.

Please Note: Due to differences in monitors, colors of products may also appear different to those shown on the site.

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